About This Blog

Listen, O people of the Restoration . . .
Listen to the Voice that speaks from beyond the farthest hills . . .
Listen carefully to your own journey as a people . . .
Listen to its teachings and discover anew its principles.  (D&C 162:1a, 2a-b)

The worship resources posted to this blog are offered to Community of Christ congregations as a supplement to the resources available at the church’s website. This blog is my own independent undertaking; it is not an official organ of Community of Christ.

My goal in designing these resources is to imagine ways that Community of Christ congregations might engage more intensively during their worship with all three books of scripture–the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine and Covenants–as vehicles for reflection and prayer. The resources are typically based on the weekly readings from the Revised Common Lectionary and thematically related passages from Restoration scripture. These worship resources reflect my own efforts to “listen carefully” to the teachings and principles of the Latter Day Saint tradition and of the much older Hebrew and Christian traditions in which our tradition has roots (D&C 162:2a-b).

I come to Community of Christ after growing up LDS and then worshiping for many years, as an adult, with Episcopalians. The Episcopal piece of my background explains why I tend toward a scripted, responsive liturgical style in the worship resources I design. It also explains my inclination to pack lots of scripture into a worship service–listening to scripture, reciting scripture, praying in the words of scripture, and preaching on multiple scriptural texts.

The worship resources on this blog often include scripture passages that I have re-rendered into contemporary language. To re-render biblical passages, I consult a range of translations. To re-render 19th-century Restoration scripture, I create line-by-line paraphrases of the original King James language to produce a kind of “free translation” that is stylistically inspired by The Message, Eugene Peterson’s popular re-rendering of the Bible.

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