Prayer for a pet’s burial

My dog died yesterday. We’d been together for 15 years. I composed the following prayer for her burial. I’m posting it here in case others would like to adapt it for their own pets.

The prayer is inspired by Genesis 1:31 and Joseph Smith Jr.’s teaching that animals have immortal souls.

Creator God—

You saw everything you had created,
and you saw that it was good.

Patches was good.

We thank you for the blessing and the joy
of having Patches in our lives.

We loved running in the forest with her, chasing deer.
We loved watching her on spycam as she ran to the door to greet us when she heard us coming home.
We loved watching her try to bury treats under pillows.
We loved watching her bark at cows and horses through the car windows.
We loved seeing her sigh contentedly under warm blankets.

We hope that we were faithful stewards of this creature of yours.
We hope that the fifteen years she lived with us were happy years for her.

Now we commend her body to the earth
and her spirit to your hands,
trusting that a time will come
when she will once again come running to greet us
and we will once again join her in a joyful race through sunlit forests.

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