Christmas: Day 4 (Dec. 28)

This is part of a series of daily reflections for Advent. I wrote enough reflections to last an entire week after the Fourth Sunday of Advent; since Christmas Eve fell on a Monday this year, I’m publishing the remaining reflections through the rest of this week. The theme for this week’s reflections is: “The Temple reminds Community of Christ that God is with us, working through us to transform the world.”

John 2:13-21
(excerpted; fresh translation)

Jesus went to Jerusalem.
In the temple,
he saw the merchants selling cattle, sheep, and doves
and the money changers seated at their stations.

He drove the sheep and cattle out of the temple,
using a whip he had made out of ropes.
He spilled the money changers’ coins
and knocked down their tables.
He said to the dove sellers,
“Get these out of here!
Don’t make my Father’s house a place of business!”

People challenged him:
“What right do you have to do this?
Show us a sign!”

He replied:
“Demolish this temple,
and within three days I will raise it back up.”

They scoffed:
“This temple took 46 years to build—
yet you can raise it up in three days?”

But the temple he was speaking of
was his body.


Christ’s body was a temple
because God lived in it.
I am a member of Christ’s body.
I am a stone in God’s temple.

“The Temple calls the entire church
to become a sanctuary of Christ’s peace,
where people from all nations, ethnicities, and life circumstances
can be gathered into a spiritual home
without dividing walls.”
(Doctrine and Covenants 163:8c)

What can I do better,
to help make Community of Christ a sanctuary
for people from all backgrounds?

In other words:
What can I do better,
to be a stone in God’s temple?

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