Week 3: Friday

Doctrine and Covenants 164:9b
(fresh rendering)

God desires to transform you—
to transform you spiritually, as individuals,
and to transform your relationships.

It is natural for you to be afraid of transformation.
But your willingness to live in sacred community,
as Christ’s new creation,
must be greater than your fear.
Only then will you become who you are called to be.

You are called to make,
and then to steadfastly hold on to,
God’s covenant of peace in Jesus Christ.
Your wholehearted response to that call
will make possible the rise of Zion the beautiful,
Christ’s peaceful kingdom.


Reading these words during Advent, I hear in the reference to “Christ’s peaceful kingdom” an echo of Isaiah 9:6-7. “To us a child is born… The government will be upon his shoulder… Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end… to establish his kingdom with justice forever…”

Today’s reading from Doctrine and Covenants tells my faith community that our wholehearted response to God’s call will make possible the rise of the kingdom promised in Isaiah. God is calling us to enter a covenant of peace, to live in sacred community, and to be a new creation—which will require us to be transformed.

What transformations do I need to make in order to respond to God’s call? What frightens me, or makes me uneasy, about those transformations?

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